Dr. Marco Candela, Professor at the University of Bologna and project coordinator of CIRCLES, will participate in “Microbiome: The Missing Link(s) Learning Pathway” – an online event hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO). On 7, 8 and 9 July, Marco will take part in three sessions focused on the specifics of the soil microbiome for food systems. He will be joined by FAO soil and plant experts as well as Prof. Brajesh Singh from the Australian Western University, Dr. Angela Sessitsch from the Austrian Institute of Technology and Prof. Fabio Fava from the University of Bologna.

Microbiomes exist everywhere around us: not just in the human gut, but also in and on animals, plants, oceans and soils. By promoting soil carbon sequestration and soil remediation, they play an important role in climate stability and resilience of ecosystems. That is why activities within CIRCLES focus, among other, on research on microbiomes to improve soil health. After all, a good balance of microbiomes in soils may enhance plant fertility contributing to food systems’ productivity and resilience.

In the context of “Microbiome: The Missing Link(s) Learning Pathway” FAO will convene technical divisions with selected scientific experts and academics in relevant microbiome technical fields. Participants will discuss the status of current scientific evidence and address research gaps on the role of microbiomes in different ecosystems and the implications for human health, diets and food safety, soil and plant health.