CIRCLES researchers are investigating whether natural microbiomes can be exploited for a more sustainable, safe and nutritious food production and how the application of microbiomes can innovate the future of our food systems.

With an open science approach, CIRCLES aims to educate, train and include people across the food chain and the wider society, as well as raise awareness, on the project’s goals.

Here you can find videos produced by CIRCLES partners talking about their research.

Dr. Senga Robertson – Dundee University – How can microbes help plants grow?

Dr. Kostantinos Kormas – University of Thessaly – Why are friendships between fish and microbes crucial?

Dr. Samuele Giovando – CRCF Silvateam – How can tannins improve our food?

Dr. Kira Salonius – Managing Director, Previwo AS – How can microbes help improve the health of salmon?

Dr. Jiri Maunuksela – Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) – Can microbial interventions create business value?

Dr. Elena Biagi – University of Bologna

Dr. Senga Robertson – Dundee University

Dr. Elena Biagi & PhD students from the University of Bologna at the Sailing for Blue Life Festival, Rimini 2021