CIRLCES has been invited to write a column on the microbiome in the AgroFOOD Industry Hi-Tech Journal. This peer-reviewed journal covers academic and industry work in the world of food science and reaches readers like scientists, researchers, marketing and sales managers from industry and universities. The column on the ‘the role of microbes in producing our foods’ has recently published in AgroFOOD Industry Hi-Tech’s latest issue.

Read the e-version of the column HERE. You can make an account HERE to download the full article.

Abstract of the column:

Microbes are microscopic organisms like bacteria, viruses, yeasts and other fungi. They occur everywhere and in lots of different shapes and forms across the whole food system. Communities of different microbes are essential in plant, animal and environmental health, with a consequent impact in terms of crop and livestock productivity, food quality and safety as well as for food waste decomposition and recycling processes. Understanding microbes’ contribution to the functioning of the foodchain (eco-)systems may harbour essential insight for the urgently needed change in how we produce, distribute and consume food as well as manage our resources to help address key societal challenges.