Update 09 March 2020: due to the cancellation of the EUFIC conference for Coronavirus reasons, the pre-launch of the CIRCLES city tours has been postponed. Thank you for your understanding.


The CIRCLES partners are very excited about the pre-launch of our City Tours this month!

City Tours are public engagement events that will take place across 5 European cities. The aim is to:

  • raise awareness on the microbiome in the food system;
  • share the potential of microbes in helping us shape a future-proof food system;
  • give people a chance to test their own skin microbiome.

A City Tour stand will be available in a ‘light’ format at the EUFIC conference on 19th March in Brussels, Belgium. The conference is about ‘Breaking Silos – Connecting the Nutrition and Environmental Conversations’. About 120 stakeholders from across the food system are expected to sit together to exchange and learn about healthy and sustainable diets.

EUFIC 2020 Conference

As part of the conference, EUFIC will showcase some of the European-funded projects it is involved in and which bridge nutritional and environmental challenges of the 21st century. CIRCLES will proudly engage conference participants on the microbiome in the food system and give people the opportunity to get to know the project and their own microbiome through a skin sampling kit.

Want to join us there? Find all the info here.