How does the microbial life look like on the entry of your house? How is it connected with our health and wellbeing? What’s the impact of nearby parks or pets? Can microbes even travel through Helsinki?

During the XII Soil Science Days 2023 – Security of supply starts with the soil, taking place on 10th and 11th of January 2023 in the House of Science & Letters, Helsinki, citizens had the opportunity to discover the invisible and beneficial life that surrounds them every day.

They received test kits to take samples of the their house-floor microbiome, according to the following instructions:

  1. Use the test kit to take samples of the entry of your house, for example in front of your door! You will find all the instructions in the kit.
  2. Send the sample to the laboratory (according to the instructions) via post or home collection – both options are free of charge.
  3. The analysis of the samples will be online about two weeks afterwards on this website! Just look for the unique code of your test kit.



The activity was organised by the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) who also raised awareness of the importance of the soil microbiome, impacting entire food chains.