The coronavirus pandemic has affected many aspects of everyday life within research and innovation, including the opportunities for us researchers to interact directly with scientific collaborators to share, discuss and improve research ideas. However, on-line platforms allow us to establish those links even during a lockdown period. More to that: these platforms offer the unique opportunity to link scientists who otherwise may not have had the chance to attend international conferences or simply were not aware that certain research projects even existed. Michele Sellitto from CIRCLES partner MS Biotech took the matter on his own hand and established a seminar series completely free of charge for whoever is interested in knowing more about the soil and plant microbiome and the result was… a success!

In the second of these events, CIRCLES partner Davide Bulgarelli discussed work on-going in his lab in “front” of an audience of nearly 200 people connected from different countries.  “It was incredible: the feeling and the reward of engaging in an international scientific debate while sitting in my living room!” commented Davide Bulgarelli. Michele isn’t satisfied though: a new seminar is already scheduled for May 1st. More information can be found here.

Making science accessible to all is at the very core of the CIRCLES ethos: this is just an example of how we can all work together to make it happen!