Project Description

Centro Ricerche per la Chimica Fine Srl (CRCF) is a chemical laboratory for analysis and research. Its activities started in 2007 as service provider to Silvateam Spa group ( CRCF has decades of experience in the field of natural and synthetic tannins, plant extracts, food additives and industrial oils.
In last years, CRCF had a staff of 12-15 people working on product commercialized by Silvateam in many domains: from tannery sector, to oenology, from food additive to agricultural products, from feed additive to industrial in general.
The main activities of CRCF are:

  • Quality Control analysis for production plants
  • Research & Development activities, particularly on natural tannins and polyphenols: extraction process development, purification development, chemical modifications, commercial products formulation.

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