On 17th June CIRCLES partners were participating in a social media workshop led by Hague Corporate Affairs. The aim of the workshop was to provide the partners with a better understanding of how to use social media for CIRCLES and provide them with some hands-on tips and tricks. The importance of social media nowadays is indisputable, since it is used by many people as their primary source of information. Also, for scientists it provides a huge potential to communicate their research to fellow researcher but also to the broader public, depending on the medium used. By using social media, CIRCLES aims to increase the awareness around microbiome applications in the food system and to enhance the public understanding of their potential benefits. Furthermore, CIRCLES wants to interact and engage with stakeholders.

After some basics and characteristics of Twitter and Instagram, the channels that CIRCLES is using at the moment, the participants were also invited to get active and create their own posts for the project. The creative outcomes will be shared via our channels over the next weeks, stay tuned! Cannot wait that long and want to support us? Check out our social media kit with ready made images and texts that you are free to use on your own channels!