From 30 June to 2 July, the second FEMS Conference on Microbiology took place in Belgrade, Serbia, organised in cooperation with the Serbian Society of Microbiology. It showcased the most recent developments in microbiology and related topics such as publishing and professional development.

During the conference, the abstract of the CIRCLES-project entitled “Resistome and xenobiome temporal dynamics in poultry and swine production chains” was published as a poster on the conference platform.

Here a short summary of the poster:

Research context:

The CIRCLES project created real-world labs in the field for poultry and swine food systems, allowing to increase knowledge on microbiomes in these food systems. Specifically, the researchers focused on xenobiome and resistome as microbiome functionalities to provide resistance to xenobiotics and antibiotics.

A total of 400 faecal and 160 environmental samples (feed, litters, wastewater, air, and soil) were collected at three time points from poultry and swine production sites.


Besides the reconstruction of the compositional and functional dynamics of the animal gut microbiome in the poultry and swine production cycles, the researchers were able to reconstruct the temporal dynamics of the respective xenobiomes and resistomes. They could also infer connections between the gut-borne and environment-borne microbiome functionalities.

According to the preliminary findings, in both production chains, the xenobiome and the resistome evolve over time and across space, with changes in complexity and diversity, showing specific patterns for each production chain. Nonetheless, core profiles shared by both production systems were identified as well.

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