On June 14th of June, CIRCLES was represented at the 12th Global Microbial Identifier (GMI) Meeting at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore through CIRCLES partner Alessandra De Cesare from UNIBO.

GMI is a not-for-profit international consortium of almost 300 scientists supporting a global system of DNA genome databases for microbial and infectious disease identification and diagnostics with the aim to enable a real-time surveillance of all animal and human diseases and food safety risks.

GMI and CIRCLES share some of their tasks in terms of repository and storage of sequence and metadata, as well as improvement of analytical approaches for sequencing. Standardization of sequencing procedures is a key issue for both projects and is therefore important to share experiences and key results. The other projects of interest to CIRCLES which were identified are COMPARE 643476 “Collaborative Management Platform for the detection and Analyses of (Re-) emerging and foodborne outbreaks in Europe” and Microbiome Support which is already linked to CIRCLES as well as HOLOFOOD, MASTER and SIMBA.