CIRCLES representatives joined the Common Ground Workshop of the related project MicrobiomeSupport on 4/5 March 2019 in Vienna, Austria.


Picture: MicrobiomeSupport representatives and stakeholders at Common Ground Workshop in Vienna, Austria

MicrobiomeSupport aims to support the development of a strategic microbiome research and innovation agenda on regional, national and international levels in the EU and globally in an effort to work towards food security, sustainable food production and bioeconomic as well as improved human health. With CIRCLES actively exploring microbiome applications that can be applied to future-proof the food system, both projects have much to gain from collaborating with each other and the Innovation Actions HoloFood, SIMBA, and MASTER.

The workshop discussions focused on current opportunities and challenges in microbiome research, urgent needs as well as systemic, widespread issues in the field that make it difficult to develop applications based on meaningful conclusions for human and environmental health. As part of it, CIRCLES and its aims were introduced in a presentation, with CIRCLES representatives providing critical input into the discussions during the breakout sessions for industry, policy, and science.

CIRCLES is now looking forward to the continuous alignment between the projects to ensure regular exchange on common challenges and to exploit opportunities to create bigger impact together.


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