On 27th June, the world came together to celebrate WORLD MICROBIOME DAY. Similar to previous years, numerous public engagement events were organised around the world and social media platforms were buzzing with activity.

As already announced in a previous news article, CIRCLES was involved through a social media campaign that highlighted the importance of microbiomes for a sustainable future. All the materials (videos, GIFs, social media cards) are available here. We encourage you to use them and keep on spreading awareness!

CIRCLES was also involved in a number of events. Our partner the University of Catania (Italy), for instance, hosted an open webinar to celebrate the microbial life on our planet.

The webinar was a virtual tour showing the world of aquatic microorganisms and the approaches used to study microbiomes. The focus of the event was to showcase the outcomes of recent citizen science projects. Speakers explained how such projects can help explore our microbial partners and create a sustainable future for our planet. At the end, our partner Grazia Marina Quero introduced the audience to the CIRCLES project. She focused on aspects related to the fish microbiome and provided an overview about the benefits of microbes for the well-being of aquatic life and the sustainability of fish production.