World Microbiome Day aims to engage the general public in the dialogue around microbiomes and their critical importance to human, animal and environmental health by showcasing the vibrant and diverse world of microbes.

CIRCLES is supporting World Microbiome Day 2019 and will get engaged through CIRCLES researchers sharing their stories on why they think microbes are important. Interested? Check out the World Microbiome Day website to:

  • Find an event near you to find out more what researchers are doing on the microbiome
  • Organise your own event
  • Take part in one of our competitions
  • Take one of our quizzes to see whether you are a #MicrobeWhizz
  • Declare your #MicrobeLove by becoming a #MicrobiomeAmbassador

Join us in raising the profile of our microbes! CIRCLES will engage with #WorldMicrobiomeDay via Twitter on the day itself and we’d love to hear from you, too. If you do organise an event or take part in any other way share it with us on Twitter by using #CIRCLESEU, #MindYourMicrobes and #WorldMicrobiomeDay.